Huge selection of mirrored radiator covers & console tables

Laser mirror covers and console tables

Beautiful art and design inspired radiator covers and console tables that transform interiors and living spaces. Available exclusively by Couture Cases for Modern Radiator Covers, each mirrored radiator cover is made to measure, manufactured in the UK, and best of all can be fitted with ease.



Fabulous laser cut metal radiator covers in modern and decorative designs to suit every contemporary interior. Every mirrored radiator cover has a range of top options which include cast aluminium in wonderful textured designs, granite tops in a range of classic styles, mirror tops to showcase and display your accessories to the full, and  several perforated metal designs  to allow the how the hot air to escape vertically ensuring there is almost no loss of heat into the room.



Blacksmith range of hand forged metal mirrored radiator covers and console tables


These mirrored radiator covers and mirrored console tables are the ultimate hand crafted bespoke radiator covers. Each design is forged and welded by craftsmen in the UK, allowing you to get intimately involved in the design process from start to finish.


Choose from a catalogue of hand forged items, or let our forgemasters create designs of the highest order. We help every customer aong the way.



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