MIAMI radiator covers

Brand new range of minimalist radiator covers paying direct homage to the Art Deco styling of Miami in Florida. For the first time yoiu can incorporate an extended alcove shelf from the radiator cover to create amazing effects.



Miami radiator covers that extend into a window recess Miami Recess radiator covers


Recess covers now available on all MIAMI covers

Eliminate the need for separate window sills and shelving with our new MIAMI integrated recess radiator covers. Contact us via the enquiries form for further information. 

MIAMI Highway Design

This MIAMI Highway radiator cover features the timeless and classic geometric grid pattern featured in many modern interiors today. 

MIAMI Gridiron Design

This MIAMI Gridiron radiator cover features terrific performance with on trend looks based on minimalist modern interior design trends

MIAMI Condo Design

This MIAMI Condo radiator cover is based on its sister Gridiron pattern, and creates a refined and robust look that suits any contemporary interior.

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