NEW Lace Furniture website

Select any image below and you will be directed to our new sister site selling everything LACE. For the first time you can buy radiatior covers in lots of lace patterns, as well as lots of other furniture items such as console tables, dining tables, beds, screens, room partitions, shelving  - the list goes on.


Nottingham Lace white covers Nottingham Lace white cover
Lace radiator covers
Fashion lace radiator cpvers Lace radiator covers
Lace metal handrails Lace Handrails
Nottingham Lace cover no legs Nottingham Lace cover no legs
Lace cutaway console tables
Lace Modern coffee tables Lace coffee tables
Personalised furniture for the home and business Personalised radiator covers
Lace bedroom mirrors Lace bedroom mirror
Lace Coat hangers
Lace metal wall console tables Lace wall console tables
Lace radiator covers with frill Lace radiator covers
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