Decorative metal window sills

Paisley pattern window sill

A classic paisley like design that creates a fantastic flamboyant decorative style. Perfect for bold and delicate soft furnishings in a huge range of interiors.



Grid pattern window sill

This Grid pattern texture in the cast aluminium compliments furniture, upholstery, kitchens and accessories where you wish to accentuate linear lines and geometric features.


Mesh pattern window sill

Our mesh texture reminds us of a thick linen or hessian matting. A perfect choice when combined with exquisire fabrics.



Speckle pattern window sill

This speckled pattern reminds us of mercury droplets scattered on glass, or Jackson Pollock like paint splatters!


Ripple pattern window sill

This texture in the cast aluminium has a fluidity feel, and also looks like ripples in folded paper. A beautiful organic design texture.



Personalised lettering on all window sills

We can cast any name, or house name, or company name into any window sill. Please note length of name depends on the length of the sill,.



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