Cast aluminium shelving in amazing designs

Modern shelving in cast aluminium to suit any contemporary interior. Exclusively made for Couture Cases in the UK, each high quality shelf is hand polished by UK craftsmen. The range of modern shelving also includes an option for a custom made design with your own letters up to 12 characters. Please contact us via the enquiries form for payment details and any questions

Hand polished metal shelving with textured patterns

Grid Beauty Shelf
Grid Pattern
Modern metal shelving Paisley Pattern
Mesh Beauty Shelf
Designer Metal Shelving Mesh Pattern Round
Designer Modern Shelving Mesh Pattern Square
Ripple Beauty Shelf
Ripple Pattern
Radiator cover with Paisley LOVE letters Paisley LOVE Pattern
Speckle Beauty Shelf
Speckle Pattern

All our shelves fit DECO, CASA and YOYO Radiator covers

Size (A) 500 x 175

Size (B) 600 x 175

Size (C) 700 x 175

Size (D) 800 x 175

Size (E) 900 x 175

Size (F) 1000 x 175

Size (G) 1100 x 175

Size (H) 1200 x 175

Size (I) 1300 x 175

Size (J) 1400 x 175

Size (K) 1500 x 175

Size (L) 1600 x 175

Size (M) 1700 x 175

Size (N) 1800 x 175

Size (O) 1900 x 175

Size (P) 2000 x 175

Size (Q) 2100 x 175



Textured patterns no letters

£235 (a)

£265 (b)

£299 (c)

£315 (d)

£375 (e)

£410 (f)

£475 (g)

£485 (h)

£525 (i)

£585 (j)

£625 (k)

£665 (l)

£715 (m)

£765 (n)

£815 (o)

£865 (p)

£925 (q)




Your lettering

Up to 5 letters add £45

Up to 8 letters add £65

Up to 11 letters add £85

Up to 14 letters add £105


Please note the number of letters depends on the width of the shelf - contact the design team for details

Paisley LOVE top on crystal console table Paisley LOVE top on crystal console table
Ripple pattern Beauty Shelf
Paisley LOVE top on white CASA radiator cover
Mesh pattern Kitchen shelf
Paisley LOVE top on yellow CASA Fall radiator cover
Ripple top on YOYO Digital radiator cover Ripple top on YOYO Digital radiator cover

Crystal shelving

Display shelving

Eyelet shelving

Crystal glass console tables and radiator covers Crystal glass console tables and radiator covers

Crystal glass console tables

We can create any crystal console table or radiator cover with our bespoke cast aluminium shelving. Contact the design team for more information



LACE Shelving just launched
LACE Shelving just launched

Brand new LACE shelving and console tables

Click on these images and you will be taken to our new LACE FURNITURE website where you can view the very latest furniture and shelving creations in modern and traditional LACE Patterns.


Choose from Windsor and London Lace patterns for console tables, dining tables, shelving,  coffee tables, all wall furniture including our latest cutaway console shelving

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