Tier on tier window shutters

Tier on tier security grille shutters

Our tier on tier security grilles are available in styles including lace, arabian, moroccan, geometric, manhattan and art deco. Contact us for more details



Tier on tier mirror window shutters

there are many configurations possible with our tier on tier mirror window shuttters. Leave as plain mirrors on all panels, or combine with some decorative laser cut grille designs in any of our ranges. Image shows our arabian pattern on 4 mirror panels..



Tier on tier mirror + grille shutters

Our mirror and grille shutter combinations include mirrors on the bottom row, mirrors on the top row and mirrors on the sides.  Contact us for details



Tier on tier mirror + light window shutter

This image shows remote control light panels on the top row, with mirrors on the bottom row. You can also choose from light panels on the panels near the side walls. Contact us for details



Tier on tier mirror + picture shutters

Choose a picture from one of our designs by famous illustrators, photographers, surface pattern and textile designers, graffiti artists or abstract graphics. Then decide whether or not to illuminate with our amazing light panels. Contact us for details



Tier on tier light + picture window shutter

Combinuing light panels with pictures creates a powerful advertising and display opportunity, and for the home the ability to showcase a piece of art, a favourite photograph or a treasured keepsake.



Tier on tier full mirror window shutter

This tier on tier mirror window shutter doubles as a cutting station in a hairdressing salon. In the home they create wonderful additions by reflecting all the light back into the room.



Tier on tier mixed panel window shutter

It is possible to mix and match window shutters panels. If you have a particular request please do not hesitate to contact the design team. Contact us for details



Coming soon - tier on tier full picture window shutters

Everything is possible with our full picture window shutters. Contact us for details of future ranges



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