Decorative metal window shutters

Huge range of metal window shutters and security shutters in decorative styles

Window shutters no longer conform to the 'same old' stereotype. You can now create completely different interior design styles by fully incorporating the decorative features of our ranges of perforated laser cut steel. We create bespoke shutters, and we work with you to create designs based on historical design styles, modern design trends, emerging design trends or simply translate your thoughts onto paper - and from that piece of paper into our comprehensive laser cutting equipment.


The window in a home or commercial interior is the most important feature of any room - it dictates colour, lighting, orientation, ventilation, privacy and quality, so our shutters try to address all of these aspects directly.

Custom made decorative metal window shutters Decorative metal window shutters

All our decorative window shutters are interior only, and are either surface mounted or inside mounted to the inside of a window alcove or recess. All shutters are available in a range of colours, with satin white and satin black the standard colours in the ranges. Almost every other colour is available by request to match or contrast with your decor exactly.


To discuss your decorative window shutters requirements, click here to contact us and our design team will guide you through our amazing window shutter options

Tier on tier decorative metal window shutters Decorative metal window shutters for modern homes and interiors
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